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Grooming services are currently on hold. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Grooming Services

​We offer full-service pet grooming by appointment with experienced staff who use a gentle and compassionate approach to caring for your pet.  We groom to owner’s specifications, one pet at a time. We start and finish your pet all the way through before starting another client.  All services include nail trim, ear cleaning, ear hair pulling and anal gland expression upon request. 

Prices for grooming are based on many variables, i.e., the size and weight of your dog, the condition of the coat (matting), whether your dog has long or short hair, etc.  Grooming for small dogs starts at $55 and can go over $100 for extra large dogs based on your pet's needs.  We can give you an estimate over the phone, which may be subject to change because of the variables listed above. 


Please call 770-486-4924 for an appointment.  

Image by Hayffield L
groomed dog photo
Image by Anthony Duran
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